The theme of this event is steps 8 and 9 of the recovery program. The convention is international and bilangual, which in practice means that there are simultaneous meetings both in English and in Finnish, except for the main meetings and workshop, which are in English and have interpretation to Finnish for those who need it.

Bring your own Big Book and highlighter pen with you for the workshop!

The school has a pop-up cafe throughout the convention.

Lunch is eaten independently in nearby restaurants.

In the evenings, after the main meetings, there is an opportunity to go to sauna. Please take a swimsuit with you, because the sauna will be mixed for both men and women.

On Saturday on sauna premises dj and music. Sauna is our hanging out place for evening, so you are allowed to come there even if you don’t go to sauna.

Please take cash with you. There is no card payment option in the school premises.

               Friday 2.9.2022
16.00Doors and registration open
17.30-18.20Meeting: a new kind of freedom and happiness
18.30-19.20Meeting: Regretting the past
20.00-21.30Main meeting: Serenity and peace
22.00Doors close
         Saturday 3.9.2022
9.00Doors and registration open
10.00-10.50Meeting: Beneficial experiences
11.00-11.50Meeting: Uselessness and self-pity
13.30-14.50FINYPAA Business meeting (only in Finnish)
15.00-17.00Workshop: We were amazed before halfway through (steps 8&9)
Bring your own Big book and highlighter!
15.00-15.50Meeting: Selfishness, Self Centeredness and Self-seeking
16.00-17.15Al-Anon meeting (only in Finnish)
17.30-19.00Main meeting: Our whole attitude and outlook upon life will change
22.00Doors close
 Sunday 4.9.2022
9.00Doors and registration opens
10.00-10.50Meeting: Fear of people and economic insecurities
11.00-11.50Meeting: Intuition
13.30-15.00Sobriety countdown
15.00Clean-up of premises. Everyone participates! 🙂