Welcome to Finnish AA's Young peoples service commitees website

Annual gathering of Finnish Young People in AA


We wish that everybody would pre-register, including daily visitors!

Registration, clear-cut intructions:

Saturday daily visitors, suggested registration fee 10€.

Staying the whole weekend is 65€.
This covers registration, bed and shared meals.

We have limited amout of beds, and they are filled in registration order.

Registration is binding only when these three things have happened:

  1. You have emailed us and gotten a response with the payment information.
  2. You have payed the registration fee.
  3. You have gotten a email, ensuring that the payment is visible in our bankaccount.

!!! There are no refunds !!!

If for any reason you are not able to attend, you have a right to seek out another person who is willing to participate and make monetary arrangements with them. Inform us about changes with email.

Email us at rekisterointi@finypaa.org

YPAA Finland free service committee

is a service/support-committee for YPAA-groups in Finland.

Committees main purpose is to help Finnish YPAA-groups to better carry the message to still suffering alcoholics.

Contact yp@aa.fi