Welcome to Finnish AA's Young peoples service commitees website

Annual convention of Finnish Young people in AA

is being held at Jyväskylä's Korpilahti area, in the scenic Mutanen camping center on



Daily visits are still available. If you want to eat, food must be ordered before 22.2.2019.

There are roughly 40 beds in the lakeside Camping center, which will be filled in the order of registrations.

16km to Korpilahti center, where nearest stores and ATM are found. Jyväskylä center is about 40km away. You can get a bus to Korpilahti center, from where we can arrange a ride if needed.

There will be meetings, workshops, service meeting of Young peoples committee, just plain old good time together and sauna!

And not to scare you away, but to let you know, the convention will be mainly Finnish speaking. We will be doing our best to help you with translations, if needed.

If you have special dietary needs, please tell in your registration email. There will be cold storage space for your own food items and a kiosk that you can buy small snacks from.

Registration prices:

We would like to point out that registration is a suggested donation (AA 7th tradition) to cover the costs of the event. No one will be turned away form the event for not paying the registration.

Meals without package: breakfast 8€, lunch 10€, dinner 10€

How to register:

Send your registration via email to finypaa2019@gmail.com.

Following information is required:

You will be answered within a week with the instructions for payment. Registrations are binding, payments are not refundable.

Questions and inquiries: finypaa2019@gmail.com

You can download a flyer to the event here:


YPAA Finland free service committee

is a service/support-committee for YPAA-groups in Finland.

Committees main purpose is to help Finnish YPAA-groups to better carry the message to still suffering alcoholics.